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The Ace in the Hole: Squad Company Operations

Kevin Manhardt

Saturday, June 15, 2024
10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

A common theme is today’s fire service is “Doing More with Less.” With this being said, fire departments are being forced maximize response efforts with minimal resources. The modern-day rescue pumper or Squad Company allows for an existing engine company into an elite unit to wear multiple hats on the fireground. This allows them to fulfil engine, truck and special operations assignments based on the needs of the incident commander. This class will dive operational roles and responsibilities, planning needs and training efforts needed to implement a successful squad concept within your department. We will also discuss the tactical mindset of the SOC firefighter and how to use that as force multiplier on the emergency scene.

Kevin Manhardt 

Kevin Manhardt currently serves as the captain of Squad Company 8 for Horry County Fire Rescue, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Kevin is a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University’s Fire Protection Administration program and a current member of SC-TF1. He believes in a diverse background to be a well-rounded fire officer. Kevin holds passion for both engine company operations and marine rescue. During his time at HCFR, Capt. Manhardt participates in the department’s Honor Guard, acts as an adjunct recruit school instructor, and helps lead the department’s Marine Division. He holds a plethora of fire service certifications from both the state and national levels, to include the National Fire Academy. Kevin is the president of the SALTWATER FOOLS and calls Myrtle Beach home with his wife Allison.