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Inspiring & Igniting Success – The Firefighters Mindset

Richard Ray

Thursday, June 13, 2024 
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

The firefighter’s mindset is a powerful source of inspiration and a blueprint for achieving success in the fire service.  Many firefighters exemplify qualities and principles that can be applied to overcome challenges both personally and professionally.  In this class we will uncover key attributes and lessons that can inspire and ignite success for the firefighter and those they serve with. Additionally, this class will identify elements that challenges a firefighter’s ability to be positive and inspiring.  The firefighter’s mindset should be a source of inspiration for those seeking success.  This class is simply designed to re-ignite the fire within the firefighter to achieve their goals and have a positive impact within their company, station, and department.

Richard Ray

Richard Ray is a 31-year veteran of the fire service with both career and volunteer experience.  He is a career firefighter with the City of Durham (NC) Fire Dept, where he serves as a battalion chief and an adjunct instructor for the training division.  He is a member of the Creedmoor (NC) Vol Fire Dept.  He instructs at the national level, contributes to Fire Engineering magazine, and is a member of both the FDIC International Advisory Board and the UL FSRI Size-Up and Search & Rescue Tech panel.