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Attack with Passion 

Mike Gagliano and Paul Combs

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Like any fire truck, every firefighter possesses a set of tools that can be used to achieve the mission at hand. Attack with passion will explore your desire to make a difference and you will be encouraged, in a positive environment, to seek out your unique voice to influence and lead the people around you. Captain Mike Gagliano and Lieutenant Paul Combs will present an energetic and inspiring class that will engage and motivate you to set these skills into motion. What’s more, Paul and Mike will emphasize your ability to utilize your unique voice by speaking from the heart and creating a cartoon, drawn live by Paul during their presentation. Every participant will get a digital copy of the class cartoon as a reminder of the lessons learned and the impact you can have on your organization (original can be auctioned for charity if requested). Join us for an inspirational and educational journey to awaken your passion! 

Paul Combs 

Paul joined the fire service in 1995 and is a City of Bryan Fire Academy and On-Scene Training Associates’ instructor. He is the editorial cartoonist for Fire Engineering Magazine and is the author/illustrator of five best-selling books. 

Mike Gagliano 

Mike has twenty-nine years of fire/crash/rescue experience with the Seattle Fire Department and the United States Air Force. Mike co-authored the best-selling book Air Management for the Fire Service, and Challenges of a Firefighter Marriage.