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First Due Response to Lithium-Ion Battery Incidents

Jeff Simpson

Saturday, June 15, 2024 
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

This interactive classroom offering is designed to assist fire and emergency management personnel in developing plans and training responders to manage complex emergencies involving the growing challenges with Lithium-Ion Battery Incidents. Focus includes specifics related to EV Fires, Thermal run-away conditions in Energy Storage Containers and recent lessons learned from catastrophic incidents.

Jeff Simpson 

Jeff Simpson is a 39-year veteran of the fire and EMS service is a past chief of Salisbury (MD) Fire Department. He holds progressive degrees in engineering, management and public administration and is certified as a Virginia state adjunct instructor, FEMA level safety and command officer and is the former training chairman of the Central Virginia Type 3 All Hazards Incident Management Team. He currently sits on the American Military University Industry Advisory Council and advises on their Emergency Management, Fire Services and Disaster Preparedness curriculums. Simpson lectures nationally including for the IAFC on handling emergencies involving firefighter survival, industrial emergencies, and has taught FDIC and Firehouse Expo HOT and conference sessions on the same topics. Simpson has written many articles for Fire Engineering and FireRescue magazines and is a 2006 Governor’s Award Finalist for Excellence in the Virginia Fire Service.