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Culturally Responsive Classroom Management (EMS)

Brian Merry

Friday, June 14, 2024 
2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Think back and remember your first day in the EMS classroom. Were you frightened? Were you excited? Most enter with emotional overload, and few begin with little knowledge of what they are truly getting into. As educators, we must recognize that each student is an individual and our goal is to educate each of them to the best of our ability. This goal can be attained by adequate classroom management, including being culturally responsive and utilizing community building. Each student brings with them life experience. Maybe they do not have experience in the profession, but regardless of age or background, they bring with them experience in life. When used appropriately, these experiences can harbor a better learning environment and can lead to a successful program for not only the educator but each individual student. Do not wait until the class had begun to prepare for students of different cultures, take the time now to plan and plan on using all resources adequately.

Brian Merry

I am Brian Merry, M.Ed., NRP, a 19-year veteran of the fire and EMS service. After several years as a practicing Paramedic, educating others became my passion. Today, I thrive on student success and provider excellence through evidence-based practice.