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Paul Combs

Join us Thursday, June 13, 2024 as Paul brings the opening keynote address at Fire-Rescue.

Pick Up Your Brick

What will you do with the brick you have in your hand? In this keynote, Paul Combs will encourage the audience to embrace the past traditions and culture of the South Carolina fire service while focusing on the future leaders who will be tasked with building upon what has been given to them with sweat, tears, and sacrifice. Putting aside petty differences so the better good may be achieved. It is our sacred duty to leave the fire service better than we found it; to build upon the wall of success, tradition, training, and leadership. How will you use the brick that you have been given?

Paul Combs Bio

Paul Combs is a fine artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and firefighter/EMT. His work is published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, and books. He is the editorial cartoonist for Fire Engineering Magazine, and author of four books, and illustrator of the best-selling Sprinkles the Fire Dog and Sprinkles the Fire Dog 2: Making a Difference.

Paul joined the fire service in 1995 and has been a fire service instructor since 2000. He is a retired Lieutenant for the City of Bryan Fire Department in Ohio. Paul is an FDIC presenter, keynoter, and Hands-On-Training instructor, and recipient of the 2018 George D. Post ISFSI Instructor of the Year Award. He is currently an instructor with On-Scene Training Associates, City of Bryan Regional Training Academy, and lectures internationally on leadership and success planning.

Paul is a USO volunteer entertainer, traveling the globe to bring comfort to active, wounded, and retired U.S. and NATO warriors through his art in association with the National Cartoonists Society.