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ISO Training Records

Seth Vaughn / Mike Morash

Thursday, June 15, 2023 

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Communities are often given incorrect information when it comes to what is creditable regarding Training. This presentation will give you an in-depth look on how to obtain the credit. In this session we will review all the major provisions for evaluating training and the delivery methods for documenting and what reports will be needed for your ISO visit. This will include the criteria for achieving recognition for fire department allowance for Facilities, what is a creditable facility and what training needs to be done at the facility to be creditable. Company Training, what is creditable company training and what is not creditable when it comes to structure fire related. An in depth look at the two parts of Officer Training and the Certification Program, what is considered as “Certified” and can excess hours from officer training be carried into other sections. Along with a comprehensive discussion on New Driver /Operator Program, what is a “Program” and what documentation is needed. Along with Existing Driver/Operator Training Program, what are creditable courses, drills and exercises and how should these hours be documented. Hazardous Material Training Program, who should be considered when looking at this credit, what courses are creditable and can excess hours be carried into other training sections. Recruit Training Program, a discussion on what ISO considers recruit training and what members of the department should be considered when a department is documenting these hours along with what courses are needed and how many hours for maximum credit. Building Familiarization for Pre-Incident Planning Program, what is creditable under this section, how long must a department be involved in a pre-incident planning program to be creditable, along with what documentation is needed.
This session will be very beneficial in assisting chief officer’s abilities to develop detailed operational plans that incorporate the resources available to and gain credit that will improve your community’s overall ISO score and Public Protection Class. These achievements will create community cost savings and is beneficial in winning support from residents, businesses, community leaders and other stakeholders.

Seth Vaughn  

Seth is a Sr. Field Representative in the Community Hazard Mitigation Services division of Insurance Services Office.  Seth has been with ISO for over 20 years.  Prior to joining ISO he served both as a volunteer and career firefighter, and is currently a volunteer firefighter and NREMT with Pelham Batesville FD in Greenville and Spartanburg Co. SC.  Seth has had the opportunity to serve on multiple special projects and assignments with ISO including working with the alternative water team and mentoring team. These teams have been vital in developing ISO standards across the country and training and mentoring other field representatives across the country for employee development as well as consistency of the PPC grading process. 

Michael C Morash 
Mike began his career in 2003 in the South Florida area as a Field Representative. In he was promoted to SR. Field Representative. In 2014 Mike was promoted to Manager, which includes PPC and the CRS Flood Program. Mike is a committee member of the PPC Technical Team, Alternative Water, Class 1 Review and the PPC Mentor Teams within ISO.  Mike has conducted presentations across the country for local and state partners and has presented at Fire Rescue international and FDIC. Prior coming to ISO, Mike served in law enforcement in NY and FL.