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Highlighted Sponsorship Opportunities

Hands On Training Class Lunches

Feeding of Participants and Instructors – $600 /class

Refreshments During Conference

Show appreciation for your customers during the show.

Nine opportunities – $2,000 each time slot.
Tuesday AM & PM, Wednesday AM & PM, Thursday AM & PM, Friday AM & PM, & Saturday AM

Conference Lanyards


Banquet Sponsor

$7,500 – Banquet Sponsor

$2,500 – Individual Sponsors are available – You will receive 3 ticket to the banquet and your logo recognized on the screens.


$3,000 – Keynote Speaker
$500 – $2,000 – Individual Classes, depending on Instructor

Conference Items

All attenees would receive a special conference item that they could use during the Fire – Rescue Conference. This would have your company logo on it as well as the Fire – Rescue logo. Conference Bags  $2,000, Conference Notebooks $2,000, Conference Pens $1,000

Graphic Packages

See graphic opportunities throughout the conference venue.

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For addition information or to sign up for a sponsorship, contact our office here.

Don’t wait until everything is gone.