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Hook Up and Stretch 

Micah Rains 

Friday June 14, 2024
10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Fire ground operations on residential structure fires are the routine fire call that most departments encounter.   However, high-rise and mid-rise standpipe operations present a new set of challenges on the fire ground. This could be a true high-rise in a downtown district, or it could be a four-story hotel in a more rural area. Regardless of the location, the same outcome is expected.  We must go in, we must aggressively search, and we must make the stretch.

This presentation covers the basic first due tactics and assignments that must be implemented to have a successful outcome during a high-rise or mid-rise incident.  It will cover basic standpipe operations but will also present challenges and solutions when standpipes fail.  In addition to this, the class will look at several high-rise and mid-rise case studies. Hook Up and Stretch will challenge you in preparing and training for structure fires when making the stretch from a standpipe.


Micah Rains  

Micah Rains is a 17-year veteran of the fire service and is currently assigned as a Lieutenant on Rescue 1 at Greenville City Fire Department. He serves as one of the shift training officers in his department and teaches recruit classes, leadership courses, and several S.C. Fire Academy classes. Additionally, he is a member of the S.C. Task Force 1 USAR team, serves in the state as a subject matter expert in the development of firefighting curriculum, and is on the ISFSI Training Committee.  Micah has taught at many conferences including the Metro Atlanta Fire Conference, South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference, Cleveland Fire Weekend, and the Company Officer Academy.

Along with this experience, Rains has been an instructor in the Fire Science Program at Greenville Technical College and operates Palmetto Fire Tactics LLC. He has also been part of the research and development of the Greenville City Fire Department’s high-rise procedures and teaches high-rise classes throughout the State of South Carolina and at regional fire conferences.